Exploring a Future of
High Energy X-ray Technologies

Presented by NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development)

Accuthera's business philosophy

Our mission is to provide the most effective and safe technologies in radiation therapy and/or non-destructive inspection, based on our experiences & knowledges in advanced accelerator technologies, an international networks and extensive related business experiences.
Solution Services
Providing analysis, designing, and measurement
services in the High Energy X-ray technologies
Non-destructive Inspection System
Planning, development, manufacturing, importing & exporting, sales, and support for non-destructive inspection/testing systems and related items
Radiation Therapy System
Planning, development, manufacturing,
importing & exporting, sales, and support for the most advanced medical radiation devices and related items
High Accuracy Radiation Therapy System
Highly Accurate Radiation Therapy System
We are developing a next generation high accuracy robotic radiation therapy system to treat very small tumor(s) (at early stage or recurrent), which allows a high accuracy short time radiation therapy with very little or no side-effects.
Non-destructive inspection/testing system GemineX
Non-destructive inspection/testing systemGemineX
Our compact system generates high energy & high power X-ray that can be used for inspections/testing of aged bridges, tunnels, industrial plant equipment.
Linear accelerator(linac)
Linear accelerator(linac)
The electron linear accelerator (linac) can accelerate electrons up to very close to the speed of light. It has been used in wide range of the fields as follows.
High energy physics research, Radiation therapy, sterilization, non-destructive inspection and etc.

Accuthera Core Technologies

X-ray Generation
Generating & detecting X-ray
Electron Beam Generation
and Acceleration
Generating & accelerating electron beam
Computation &
Electron gun &
X-ray source technologies
and control

Company Profile

Accuthera Inc.Accuthera Inc.
AET, Inc.AET, Inc.
Company Name : Accuthera Inc.
Address : 2-8-22 Kurigi, Asaoku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa, Japan
TEL : +81-44-980-1511
FAX : +81-44-980-1522
E-mail : info@accuthera.com
Established : April 11th, 2005
Capital : 421 million yen
President & CEO : Eiji Tanabe Ph. D.
Associated Company : AET, Inc.
2005 Accuthera was established in Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Japan.
Set up Technical Development Dpt. in Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki
Head Office was relocated to Kawasaki Micon City (Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi)
2008 Technical Development Dpt. was relocated to Nuclear Professional School (located at Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki), The Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
2009 Set up R&D Center in Micon City
2010 Set up Technical Development Dpt. and Quality Management Dpt.
2015 Exhibited at the ASTRO's 57th Annual Meeting (in San Antonio)
US FDA 510(K)
2015 Robotic radiation treatment equipment( Cygnex I System) cleared US FDA 510(K) (K143560)